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Based on the floating and continuous lines of the BMW 7 Series, this design brings the charms of automotive design to architecture. The futuristic shape makes this design one of a kind. One volume floats above the other with seemingly no supporting columns. An unmistakable architectural statement: is this the future?

At first glance, the building doesn’t look very closely connected with nature. But nature is integrated into the architecture in a more unconventional way. The heart of the building is a patio garden, which can be seen everywhere in the building. By using floor-to-ceiling windows, residents feel connected with nature, even though the building doesn’t use many natural materials. The contrast between artificial materials and natural elements is another statement.

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Inspired by the pure lines
of the seven series

The concept of this house is continued and perfected in every architectural decision. By distinct LED lines, the most important architectural lines are accentuated. The white stucco material makes these lines stand even more.

The upper volume seems to float, no structure is visible from the outside. The construction is cleverly disguised, hidden behind mirror cladding in between the two volumes. It reflects the surroundings, creating an illusion of continuity.


Ground floor

The ground floor consists of three elements that are positioned symmetrically over one axis. The entrance volume splits the two main volumes in the middle, acting as a connection while housing less important rooms. The left wing fits the living space as most important function, extended by an outdoor dining area. The right wing first the kitchen and indoor dining mainly, extended by an outdoor sunken seating area.

First floor

The glass back façade is central to the upper level. Two equal bedrooms are situated in the left and right wings, connected by a main hall acting as office space. The patio connects the upper and lower level, while also allowing plenty of daylight to enter. The office space has fantastic views of the patio, pool and plot.


The large swimming pool connects the left and right wing and wraps up the entire design. It can be seen from every room in the building and is an important aspect in the overall design.

Used materials


The futuristic design is emphasized by the material choice. With white stucco as a base, the architectural statement comes forward the most while remaining clean and uncluttered. Accent materials consist of brushed aluminium, a smooth, reflective surface that doesn’t grab much attention. Interior elements are finished with white Italian slate, creating a clean, minimalist but classy atmosphere inside. LED lights finish off the building, highlighting important lines and illuminating the building evenly.

white stuco
brushed aluminium
led light
LED light
Italian slate


"This futuristic home is the definition of the purity of lines. Based on the floating and continuous lines of the 7 Series, the design brings its charms of automotive design to architecture."Rene Polderman / Co-founder STATE
Indoor-Outdoor patio
Every room is connected by the outdoor patio, integrating nature into the architecture.
Floating level for a dramatic effect
The lines of the seven series are articulated with a double floor element.

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Residential Villa
900 m2
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