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CONTRA House - Minimal luxurxy villa - Cannes, France
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Contra House is the definition of contradiction. Contrast is central in the design, which can be seen in various elements throughout the design. Take the minimalistic closed front façade, which is in stark contrast with the open outspoken rear façade. Or that at first glance the building seems to be one level, but from the back three luxurious floors show the true character of the building: bold, open and expressive.

The house boasts three distinct living zones, each thoughtfully designed to cater to different aspects of life. In the basement lies the guest apartment, a welcoming space that exudes luxury and hospitality. Continuing to the ground floor, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the design, a living area brimming with life and energy, a space where creativity and inspiration come alive. The first floor tops off the house with a sanctuary of tranquillity – the master bedrooms. Here, luxury meets comfort, with carefully curated spaces to unwind and recharge in style.

CONTRA House - Minimal luxurxy villa - Cannes, France

The power
of water

The power
of water
A fundamental building
block in design

Water breathes true enchantment into this architectural design. It flows through the entire building, connecting spaces. A serene pond graces the front, casting shimmering reflections upon the facades, creating a dance of light and shadow that mesmerizes. It also reflects the recognizable concrete wall, making it disappear into the water.

Concrete reflections
CONTRA House - Minimal luxurxy villa - Cannes, France
CONTRA House - Minimal luxurxy villa - Cannes, France


The essence of water
in architectural beauty

As the water meanders inside, it transforms into an indoor oasis, with a serene swimming pool enclosed by a glass wall that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior. This continues in a covered outdoor pool that awaits invitingly, shimmering light on the ceiling above. Water spills over the edge of this pool, forming an elegant waterfall that cascades calmly into the pond next to the guest quarters. Nature and architecture blend harmoniously as a symphony of form and function.

Indoor-outdoor pool

Ground floor

The ground floor is the heart of the design, a space where creativity and inspiration come together with leisure and relaxation. From the entrance, you enter a royal living room and kitchen overlooking the splendid outside pool. The dining area sits right next to the indoor pool for a unique perspective on the design. Via stepping stones, you walk over the water to the pool lounge area and the stairs to the guest basement.

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Basement level

The guest apartment and two extra bedrooms are located in the basement, both overlooking the central patio. Water again plays a connective role through the waterfall from the ground floor, and the pond which connects both sides of the basement. The bedrooms have a royal walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom with bath, sink and shower.

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CONTRA House - Floorplan basement floor - Cannes, France
CONTRA House - Floorplan basement floor - Cannes, France

First floor

To top off the design, the first floor houses two identical masters, which was a requirement from the client. The master bedrooms are fitted with a luxurious walk-in closet, a royal bedroom setup, and an ensuite bathroom with a separate toilet. The views overlooking the garden and the valley below can be admired when you wake up in bed, or from a calming bath after a long day of work.

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CONTRA House - Floorplan first floor - Cannes, France
CONTRA House - Floorplan first floor - Cannes, France

used materials

minimalist dance
of materials

In this modern architectural marvel, two minimalist materials shine. Form-tie concrete grounds the design with sturdy rawness, while white stucco elevates the structure, adding a weightless charm to the abstract first-floor volume. Water, the third vital material, flows gracefully, connecting every element and weaving indoors and outdoors seamlessly. The rugged strength of form-tie concrete, the celestial elegance of white stucco, and the fluid embrace of water blend harmoniously, crafting a unique architectural marvel.

led light
‘’Contra House is a bold testament to the power of design, where contrasting elements intertwine, and water breathes life into the very soul of the structure. It's a journey of discovery.’’Bruce Verdonschot / Partner & Architect STATE
Private guesthouse with pond
The guesthouse is separated from the main building with the two story concrete wall, which also connects the ground and basement floors. A luxurious and private stay is created.
Completely closed off minimalistic entrance
The three main materials are introduced in the entrance and come together for a brilliant view. The water reflects the sturdy concrete while above the light stucco floats over it all.

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